Sunday, March 21, 2010

Douglas Galloway, Cherry Valley, California, USA

Thanks Douglas...

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slideytoon said...

Well, I hope you get to read this Doug. (the e mail I have for you doesn't work) You have a new fan for your artwork here: The Mandela cards are stunning and now i've seen more of your work.....Well, another year flies by....
I hope you are well and happy over there on the west coast. Wish we'd have met-I don't know when I'll be back.
Your Christmas package arrived yesterday, you are such a thoughtful man, thank you. The CD of the Oud Playing by Yuval Ron is so good, I have it playing here in the background as I work.
The Tee hasn't been on yet, its very cold for us babies, so I'm wrapped up warm with thermal gear for taking the dog for a walk.
Nothing new much here, some more music on YouTube and a desire, (but no facility or spare cash) to record another CD, maybe instrumental stuff and complete a DVD; I'm working at keeping well (Slight uphill battle but that's life); enjoying living with new long term partner Caroline, (she plays cello on some these days and Louisiana)_ and moved house this week: 26 Oakwood Lane, Barnton, Northwich CW8 4HE. the place is a ram shackled old shack and needs work, but it will have a music room eventually.
my best to you all